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Play Chess While Everyone Else Is Playing Checkers




Chess Club Consulting is dedicated to helping your team play a smarter brand of quidditch. By developing strategic game plans and fostering invaluable practice habits, we enable your team to stay one step ahead of your opponents. Check out our Services page to see how we can help your team "Play chess while everyone else is playing checkers."



Chess Club Consulting offers virtual meetings paired with game planning advice, and/or statistical and film analysis to help your team maximize your potential on the field. 

In addition, we provide highly competitive in-person training camps to develop players' individual skills and enable their teams to practice more efficiently. Check out our Events page to get in on the action and see if we have anything coming to your city.



Chess Club Consulting is advancing quidditch by working closely with teams of all skill levels across the globe.  Check out our Client page for the list of teams.